Learning through fun and play

The Nest

 This room is used as the drop off and collection point for all parents/carers. During the morning we will do arts, crafts or cooking. At lunchtime the room is cleaned and during the afternoon we then have quiet games, board games and sometimes colouring, dancing competitions depending on what the children would like to do.

We offer a snack to provide energy to complete the day. We provide, fruit, biscuits and a drink, this is a chance for the children to calm down, a chance to unwind and be able to develop social/friendship skills. We also do arts and crafts which allow the children to have fun, relax and to have a sense of achievement whilst working with other children and adults. It also helps the children to create something of importance to them


We use this area to play pool/snooker. We also have the playstations and air hockey set up. The children are allowed at any time to collect a book and sit anywhere within the setting to read as long as they make sure that it is put back in the appropriate place.

The playstations are educational, promoting hand eye co-ordination. They create fun and motivation to enhance literacy skills, storytelling and problem solving as well as developing hand eye co-ordination, mathematical skills, concentration, determination and social skills (sharing). At the same time as keeping in touch with popular cultures

 We have sectioned an area in this room to use as the home corner, it is set up with dolls, prams, kitchen, food etc. This room is used to help children to learn about life. It encourages children to socialise and learn about caring and responsibilities. It allows children to develop role play and use their imagination whilst using props. it also allows the children to be aware of multicultural experiences such as a variety of origins and different clothing.



The hall is used for all physical activities and lunchtimes. all children are requested to leave the hall at noon, the hall is cleaned and laid up for lunch. After lunch the tables and floor is cleaned and then the children can resume their physical activities. This room allows the children to let off steam, join in with other, co-operate in teams games and to play in a safe and controlled manner.


Outside area  

The outside areas are used for the children to have a sense of freedom, there is always a member of staff with the children at all times. They can play football. rounders, cricket, tennis, skittles and basketball etc. The children can take the prams and dolls and other toys outside to create their own games and use their imagination.